LG model comes with the Magic Remote?

Which LG model comes with the Magic Remote?

Which LG model comes with the Magic Remote? Are you curious about which LG TVs include the Magic Remote? This remote might make viewing television easier and more enjoyable, but you must know which models have it. Let’s look at LG TVs and what the Magic Remote offers.

The Magic Remote is included in many LG televisions, including the OLED, QNED, and NanoCell models. It offers unique features such as voice and motion control and can also work with other devices. In this post, we’ll examine which models include the Magic Remote and what makes each unique.

There’s a lot to learn about LG televisions and Magic Remotes. Stay with us as we review the features, compare several models, and help you decide which is ideal for your home. Let’s find the best LG TV for you!


What is the LG Magic Remote?

The LG Magic Remote is more than just a remote control; it’s the entry point to a seamless and interactive TV experience. Designed to improve user connection with their LG TV, the Magic Remote combines classic remote features with sophisticated technology such as voice commands, motion controls, and universal remote capabilities.

Key Features of the LG Magic Remote.

Voice Control

Have you ever wished you could tell your TV what to do? This feature allows you to search for content, switch channels, and even change settings simply by speaking.

Motion Control

The days of pushing buttons are over. The Magic Remote’s motion control allows you to point, click, and scroll like a computer mouse, making using menus and apps a breeze.

Universal Remote Capabilities

Why clutter your living room with many remotes when one can handle everything? The Magic Remote may also control devices like your Blu-ray player, speaker, and set-top box.

Magic Zoom & Magic Link

Magic Link gives information about the video you see, resulting in a more engaging viewing experience‚ÄĒadvantages of Using the Magic Remote.

Convenience and ease of use

The Magic Remote’s intuitive design lets you easily browse your TV’s interface. Its speech and motion controls eliminate the need for several button presses, making it suitable for all ages.

Integration of Smart Home Devices

As smart homes grow more widespread, the Magic Remote’s ability to interface with other smart devices becomes increasingly valuable. You can control your lights, temperature, and more from the comfort of your couch.

We improved navigation and search functionality.

With the Magic Remote, you can quickly and easily find what you want to watch. Voice search lets you easily find shows, movies, and apps, while motion control accelerates on-screen navigation.

LG TVs with Magic Remote

LG offers a variety of TVs with the Magic Remote, covering multiple series and price points. Here’s an overview of the key series with this feature:.

LG OLED series

Description of OLED Technology.

LG’s OLED TVs are well-known for their excellent visual quality. OLED technology offers perfect blacks, bright colours, and an infinite contrast ratio, making it an excellent choice for both cinephiles and gamers.

Notable OLED Models featuring the Magic Remote

  • LG CX Series: A popular pick with excellent image quality and a modern appearance.
  • The LG GX Series is known for its gallery style, which blends perfectly into any decor.
  • LG BX Series provides a more inexpensive option without sacrificing quality.

LG Nanocell Series

Explanation of Nanocell Technology

NanoCell technology improves colour accuracy by filtering contaminants, producing pure, bright colours. It’s ideal for individuals who prefer a vibrant, lifelike image.

Key NanoCell Models with Magic Remote

  • The LG Nano90 Series provides excellent picture quality with local dimming and wide viewing angles.
  • LG Nano80 Series: A mid-range alternative that delivers amazing colour and clarity.
  • LG Nano75 Series: An entry-level NanoCell device that offers good performance at a cheap price.

LG UHD Television Series

Details about UHD Technology

UHD, or Ultra High Definition, has a four times higher resolution than Full HD. This implies clearer visuals with more detail, which improves your viewing experience.

Popular UHD Models With Magic Remote

  • LG UN7300 Series: Provides reliable performance with a smart platform and voice controls.
  • LG UN8500 Series: Improves picture quality and includes new capabilities such as Dolby Vision.
  • LG UN7100 Series: An affordable solution with key smart TV functionality.

How to pair the Magic Remote with your LG TV

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Turn on your LG television.
  • Point the Magic Remote at the television.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to finish the pairing process.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Make sure the remote has new batteries.
  • Remove any impediments between the remote and the television.
  • If pairing fails, restart the television and remote.

User Review & Feedback

Users frequently rave about the Magic Remote’s ease and expanded capabilities. They have also praised its user-friendliness, voice recognition accuracy, and easy connection with other devices. However, some users report that the motion control can be sensitive and takes some getting used to.

Comparing the Magic Remote versus Standard Remotes.

Key Differences:

Standard remotes typically include basic capabilities such as channel selection and volume control. The Magic Remote has advanced features like voice control, motion navigation, and universal remote functionality.

Benefits of Upgrades

Upgrading to the Magic Remote provides a more intuitive and efficient television experience. The Magic Remote makes it easier to find content, operate other devices, and navigate apps, which improves the overall experience.


The LG Magic Remote changes how we interact with our televisions by providing several enhanced features that improve convenience and performance. Whether you choose an OLED, NanoCell, or UHD model, the Magic Remote will enhance your watching experience.

What do I do if my remote stops working?

Try replacing the batteries and reconnecting the remote with your television.

Can the Magic Remote control my soundbar?

Yes, if your soundbar accepts universal remote programming.

Is the Magic Remote compatible with every LG TV?

No, only certain models and series come with the Magic Remote.

How can I upgrade the firmware for my Magic Remote?

Firmware updates are often accomplished via your television’s settings menu.


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